Rajas Nagpurkar
Game Designer/ Developer

Striving to integrate the artistic aspects of games with its mechanics.


Some think a passion is a hobby you do on the side or a deep interest. To me, a passion is your reason for living, it's what you love no matter how much hardship it brings you, it's what you sacrifice your life for, go homeless for, endure abandonment and disapproval for, risk stability for, strain your health for, what you can't ever get away from, what keeps you discontent with normalcy. It's a madness that pushes you to your extremes, one that endows you with a permanent child-like zest for learning, creating, loving, and playing.

Experience in Games
Keyboard Kommander Apokeylypse
Keyboard Kommander ApoKeylypse is a post apocalyptic typing tutor that combines advanced tactics with the fast paced action of a typing tutor. I've been applying patches to the game tidying up UI, fixing the difficulty, implementing the tutorial, and balancing the varying combat mechanics of the game to be able to eventually release the game on Steam. Currently serving role as designer & project manager.
Keep a lookout for weekly updates!

The game won Best in Show at Game Fest 2015.

Skills Learned:
  • C# Programming
  • Scrum
  • Unity Development
  • Educational Software Development
  • Design
  • Project Managment
Too Fast Too Flirtatious
This an abstract visual novel-esque dating game developed with Unity in C# which was developed in a little under the week. I was responsible for a good amount of the writing and some of the design. The dialog system is experimental and uses a context sensitive madlibs-esque system.

Skills Developed:
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Scripting
Project Chromesthesia (in development)
Roles: Game Director, Designer, Writer, Sound Designer.

This Unity-developed game, under the working title "Chromesthesia" is a 2D action-adventure game with combat, subtly predetermined exploration, platforming, and inductive-reasoning based puzzles which mechanically manipulate art, sound, and mechanical design. The core mechanic of the game is the environment's synchronization to the music.

Audiovisual cues are the game's primary means of communication to the player.The combat and platforming of the player-controlled Aura will feel like dancing- platforms and enemies act with the music. Figuring out how to optimally approach varying types of 'enemies' tests a player's musical, rhythmic, and artistic awareness along with timing, and prioritization. The art style will be low-poly and minimalist, but deep and varied through the heavy manipulation of the core visual elements: color, shape structure, and movement.

"Chromesthesia" aims to fuse image, sound, and touch(via player input) into, almost, its own medium. The game aims to have players experience audiovisual flow through the the combining of image and sound, deep player engagement, and philosophical undertones- which would be conveyed through minimal narration/text, poetry, and lyrics.


Squareman the Platform Traverser
This is a challenging but short platformer that demands a substantial amount of skill, precision, and familiarity from the player. Players are encouraged to devise more strategies to better approach the harder platforming sections of the game.

You will fail - a lot - and will have to restart from the beginning - a lot.

Learn the optimal ways to get past certain platform - enemy arrangements

Practice precise platforming

Stay as determined as squareman

Music Used: Hydrogen by M.O.O.N

Skills Developed:
- visual programming
- design
- fast production

Play Online:
Frustrating Fireworks
This game can be run in processing 2. With 64 bit processing you can add the sound library to add sound to the explosions.
To do this:
Go to Sketch --> Import Library --> Add Library scroll to the Sound and install.
There are 4 different kinds of explosions at different heights.
- Move the rockets using the arrow keys
- Explode rockets with the 4 different explosions using WASD or hovering the mouse over the center of each firework
You can either play this as an interactive art piece (it's not that pretty though) or an annoying multiplayer game in which one player continously moves the rockets while the other attempts to explode as many rockets as possible by hovering the mouse over the center point of each firework (my favorite way to play).

WARNING: If you don't explode enough rockets, the game will end and you'll have to restart! :)
Feel free to manipulate the rate at which rockets fly, the rocket's spawn rate, the end game condition, etc... using the commented code below
Art Showcase
Halluce by Rajas Nagpurkar

Created with Processing 2.0


'Pixelated Self-Portrait' by Rajas Nagpurkar


'Pixelated pixelated self-portrait' by Rajas Nagpurkar
Third Place Winner in the 2016 McKinney Writing Contest under category 'Electronic and Other Mixed Media Using Language'


"A Disorganized Collection of Writings"

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